Website Development


pushpinGetting your company online with a highly functional, attractive, and modernly conventional website doesn’t have to be a complicated, long, and drawn out affair.  Why spend hours in meetings, then wait for weeks or months while somebody hammers away at trial and error trying to get you up and running?

Veritas New Media can work with you in one or two conversations, then (depending on what you throw at us) we dive in and get your site built in a week or two.  We’ll even sit down with you for an hour or two to show the ropes on front-end editing of your site before we hand you the keys.  If that scares you, don’t sweat it.  We can handle your updates on a project by project basis without breaking the bank.

How Are You So Affordable?

We’re not developers, but we know some if we need to pull them in to the project. We ARE marketing and advertising professionals who know how the web works, how people use it, and what to use to make it easy for you to succeed – and we know how to help you develop the content that will help you stand out.

Like a lot of development companies that aren’t necessarily up front with what they do, we use open-source (or “shareware”) software called WordPress that is developed and improved daily by some of the smartest and most adept programmers in the world.  We also don’t design your site.  We help you find a “theme” that works for you.  There are literally thousands of them for sale on websites all over the world.   We are fairly proficient in Adobe Photoshop and can use that skill and our eye for what looks good (and is usable) to assemble something that both works well AND looks good.  We also don’t have to know exactly what we’re doing to make your site “work”.

Can’t I Do This Myself?

You could do all of this yourself if you wanted to learn how to put everything together.  Because of our experience with the software, we can get it up and running faster than if you tackled the project yourself.  Plus, after the site is built, we’ll sit with you for a couple of hours and show you how to move, edit, add, and delete content from your site (or even change the way it looks completely)!

Without knowing the particulars about what a project entails (e-commerce, informational, social networking, etc.), it’s hard really nail down a firm quote, but most of the work we do (in all of the above) comes in between $750-1000 max out of pocket.

The hourly rate of $75 is well below market for a programmer writing in this language or a designer who may or may not be skilled in web design and usablity.  We’re not getting paid for programming or design, we’re getting paid to help you manage and present your information based on software that is designed by very good, passionate programmers to work.

Average time of a project from start to finish is 7-14 business days.  Some projects can take longer depending on the amount of configuration entailed in the project.

Wanna learn more?  Drop us a line.