The media landscape has drastically changed since the revitalization of interactive media after the “dot com bust” of the early ’00s.  The “New Media” or “Web 2.0” put the power of information in the hands of the consumer, thus drastically altering the landscape of how information is published, distributed, and monetized.

With the increasing consolidation of the “established” media coinciding with the rise, fall, and rebirth of the interactive media, the newspaper, radio, and television industries have struggled to maintain the necessary profit margin to stay productive for their stockholders.  The result has been devastating to the employees (or former employees) of these companies and, therefore, to the quality of local news and entertainment information being distributed.

The situation has created a vacuum in the local information business and a handful of knowledgable, locally passionate companies are racing to fill the void.  While established news outlets churn out syndicated and/or national news (regional at best), the blogosphere is carrying the local torch.

Recognizing the opportunity to monetize well produced, local content, Veritas New Media acquired several Louisville, Kentucky centric domains with a plan for each.  The idea is to create unique, quality, and valuable content to attract an audience of respectable size, then work with local advertisers to connect to the audience in a targeted, personal manner to deliver superior ROI.

Louisville.AM is currently operating as a Louisville-based “on demand” talk radio outlet and further partnerships are being formed.  If you or your company would like more information on investing or partnering to launch Louisville.TV (Lifestyle TV) , Louisville.FM (The Final Word On Louisville Music), please contact us today.