imgwebdev Website Development

We’ve built some very functional sites for some very recognizable Louisville Brands. We’re up front that we’re not designers and that we use open-source software as the platform, but the secret is in knowing how consumers use the web to find what they’re looking for and how they use your site to determine whether or not they’ll purchase from you.




 Media Publishing

Over the years, we’ve acquired several Geo Domains (including our flagship, Louisville.AM) with the intent to develop them into informational and entertainment portals for locals in their respective communities. Using our collective expertise, contact base, and enthusiasm, the potential to gather and grow a large and engaged audience is in our imminent future.

imgmixboard Media Production

Content IS king – and we an help you create what will help your current customers and prospects stay involved with you. Our experience with audio, video, and blogging for ourselves and our clients can work for you as well. These projects, when approached with a long-term philosophy for content strategy, can fuel not only your website, but your social media presence as well.