Switch from Dot Net Nuke to WordPress

January 18, 2014

Over the past year, we’ve been moving our small business clients from the Dot Net Nuke CMS to WordPress. This website is actually the last one to move. First things first…and those things are our clients. Technology and these platforms continue to evolve every day, so being on the most easily upgraded system just makes sense. 

Why make the switch from DNN to WordPress?

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the power and the capability of DNN, it’s just more difficult to stay on top of upgrades in both the core software and the modules/plugins that are on the market. There was too much cost involved that we’d have to pass on to clients and the likelihood of an error was too great. Plus, most DNN modules have a price tag applied to them and quite a few don’t work as well as advertised.

With WordPress, improving your platform to a newer version of the CMS OR any of the plugins that are being used is literally one click. Plus, we’ve never had an issue with any of the functionality breaking when we DO upgrade.

What went wrong?

As a case study, we could use the example of City Taste Tours, and Louisville sightseeing tour company. We had them set up with plenty of functionality on Dot Net Nuke with an easily updated calendar, photo galleries, and contact page, a blog, and more. Problem was, the code behind the site got old and browsers changed. It started to occur that when potential customers were coming to the site to actually book a tour, they were using an updated version of Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Those browsers couldn’t translate the 2010 code into 2013 language (so to speak) so they chose to display nothing.

When your website displays nothing, nothing gets done.

There are plenty of content management systems and website builders out there from which to choose for your small business site. We like WordPress for even moderately complicated things (primarily eCommerce) because it’s quick and easy to pick a look and feel, then add content, bells, and whistles.

For more complicated projects there are plenty of web design companies out there that will do a bang up job of building you something from scratch. For any project you’re considering, you won’t find a more honest assessment of “yes we can” or “no we can’t, but these guys can” that you can trust.

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